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Project X is a nonprofit organization and we rely on your support. Contribute to the free software dewelopment and donate today.



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Bank Transfer

We will provide bank transfer information to anyone wishing to donate in this manner. Please contact us.

Project X's goal is to provide you with free software solutions for your everyday needs. This is the way we like it. We contribute to the code, share the software with people, connecting communities and creating new business opportunities.

Those of you who use Project X solutions and who are satisfied with the products, those who would love to see its development speeding up and even those who don't use it but find it well coded and documented, may now donate money to the Project X.

The money will be used to pay us to do some pure Project X work. This offers us a possibility to dedicate more time to new features development. This means that we will have possibility to assist our users through the ICQ channel, the mailing-list and the forum. This means that the Project X development will be accelerated.

Are you a philantropic millionaire? If you wonder what to do with a couple of bank notes, and if you like the Project X spirit, you may donate. Are you a chief executive of that big IT company who benefits from the Project X products? You may donate either. Are you a curious user who asks 15 questions a day in the forum and always gets an answer? We will appreciate your donation as well.

Project X gives it all back to you.