• Powerful photo-studio
  • Strong mathematical foundation
  • 33 graphical filters
  • User friendly interface

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What's New

The Directed Graphical Models v1.7.0 is now available

Project X team wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year

The Directed Graphical Models v1.6.0 is now available

Our paper "Labeling of Partially Occluded Regions via the Multi-Layer CRF" was accepted to the Multimedia Tools and Applications journal

Our paper "Environmental Microorganism Classification Using Conditional Random Fields and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" was accepted to the Pattern Recognition journal

Visir PX

  • Real-Time Face detection
  • Real-Time Face tracking
  • Real-Time Face reconition
  • Web Cam compatible
  • Open CV based

£ 0,00

Morpheus PX

  • Morphing engine
  • AVI compatible
  • merge any photos
  • user friendly interface
  • Open CV based

£ 0,00
Hello everybody!

We are proud to present the newest programs to enhance your photos - "Graff PX", to track and recognize you per web-cam - "Visir PX", and fast morphing engine in "Morpheus PX".

Project X is a donation project. Our software is and will always be free. You can contribute to the software development by donating money. The money will be used to pay us to some pure work to help our users, improve our software and contribute new code. Donate now and Project X will give it back to you.

We will be always glad to accept in our team new lucid minds. Join the Project X to leave your imprint on free software development and gain valuable experience.